How To Get A Reverse Mortgage in Tampa FL

Eight Steps For You To Get A Revere Mortgage in Tampa Florida

Obtaining a reverse mortgage in Tampa is fairly simple – get informed first, then simply decide upon somebody you can trust to get the loan completed for you in a timely manner.

Here’s the easy and quick course of action:

1. Get in touch – Simply call me and chat with me about what reverse mortgage plans are available to you, find out if you are eligible, ask questions, become informed.

2. Take a look at needs – Discuss the Reverse Mortgage, answer questions you might have and see if it is right for you. Next book an appointment so a Reverse Mortgage Consultants can visit you at your house, or talk with you during a predetermined conference call. You can also ask anyone you believe should be informed with this visit.

3. Counseling – You’re going to be provided a list of independent HUD certified counselors to help you to verify all information and ensure that you comprehend the Reverse Mortgage. Counseling is required for legal reasons and provides you with additional peace of mind.

4. Mortgage Application – During the in home visit we will show you all of the features, expenses, payment options, and carefully answer all of your concerns. Only when you are satisfied are you going to begin the application process.

5. Appraisal/Inspection – Your contact will take care of all of the appraisal and pest inspections and you will be notified of the dates and times to expect each one of these.

6. Approval -The home loan package is sent to underwriting for approval.

7. Closing – Once all the details are finalized you’re going to get a call to set up a closing date at your home as well as to double-check that each one of the points are as you requested.

8. Funding – After the 3 day right of recession you will get the expected funds, any current liens will be payed off, and your reverse mortgage will be working for you.

The objective is always to make sure that you will be kept informed without having to worry about details. When you decide on a top lender to work with you, your house loan advisor will take care of you through beginning to end.